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This organization is dedicated to Sharon Stern, a lovely young woman who became seduced and controlled by a powerful cult leader while studying at
Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Shockingly, the head of the cult was her dance teacher at Naropa; a guest teacher from Japan, who as it turned out had many cult followers around the world (many of whom being students like Sharon).

After four years of being driven insane by him through physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, Sharon sadly committed suicide on April 25, 2012.

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"Sharoni was a brilliant light unto this world, and her life was cut short by a wicked man whose sole ambition in life is to manipulate, use and abuse people, preying on them with no concern at all for their well-being. Thusly, it has become our mission to expose cult figures like this and their corrupting methodologies and tactics, in hopes that it will prevent future tragedies from ever occurring."

- Tibor Stern (Father of Sharoni & President of FACT)
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