Where is my son?! Distraught father Steven Horvath asks this question of the Hare Krishna House (ISKCON) located at the University of Florida. His son Michael Horvath was a no show at his own graduation.

Gainesville, Florida, 8
th of May 2015 —

Michael Horvath, a student at the University of Florida had always planned, along with family and friends to attend his graduation ceremony. His parents were so excited to be present, having saved the date for a long time.

It is believed that the Chaplain of the UF Krishna House, Carl Woodham, relocated Michael out of state to prevent family contact and influence. Janette Haugen, a spokesperson for the non-profit organization Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc. and an expert on high-control groups like Iskcon, said, “It is well documented the manipulation and mind control tactics that the Iskcon group uses to recruit, indoctrinate, and control followers. Isolating devotees from their loved ones and blocking communication is a vital component of their system to control members.”

After Michael was recruited on campus, his parents Steven & Gayla became acutely aware of the immediate changes taking place in their son. He was no longer the warm and loving son they had raised, and had become distant, disconnected and seemed to be a shell of his former self. Haugen states, “There is a reason why groups like Iskcon choose to locate themselves on college campuses; college students are on their own for the first time, and usually naïve, impressionable and eager for new experiences in life. Also, the campus environment allows cult groups daily exposure to a large number of students; for these groups it’s essentially a numbers game.”

As of now the Horvath’s have no information as to their son’s location and whether or not he is alright. Attempts to contact him and the Chaplain have gone unanswered. Our organization will conduct further investigations into the group and Carl Woodham, while also assisting the Horvath’s in locating their son.

For more information, contact FACT at 1-877-360-3228.
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